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About Us

Paddlesports Coaching was formed by Jon Halden with a simple aim. Provide fun, safe and supportive environment for people to learn how to Kayak, Canoe and Paddleboard (SUP) and is proud to be a British Canoeing Delivery Partner and Award Provider

Jon is pleased to be a British Canoeing Coach and continues to ensure his professional training is up to date and is qualified and insured for the activities undertaken.

Qualifications include:

  • White Water Kayak Coach Award (Level 3) 
  • Sheltered Water Canoe and Kayak Coach (Level 3)
  • Advanced White Water Leader Training
  • White Water Leader Training / Assessment
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Support Module
  • Freestyle Support Module
  • Paddlesport Instructor (level 1)

British Canoeing Rescue Training Qualifications:

  • Paddlesport Instructor Provider (PSI)
  • Stadium Safety Rescue Training Provider 
  • Foundation Safety Rescue Training (FSRT) Provider
  • Advanced White Water Rescue Training
  • White Water Rescue Training 
  • Stadium Safety & Rescue Award
  • Foundation safety rescue training
  • Level 3 in outdoor first aid 

Support Modules:

  • Coaching the Mind Foundation
  • Unfamiliar Environments eLearning
  • Swimming Pools Foundation
  • Coach Developer eLearning
  • Mentoring eLearning
  • Safeguarding Training
  • British Canoeing Assessor Training
  • Assessing Competence in the Paddlesport Environment
  • Freestyle Performance Award
  • White Water Performance Award
  • Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning
  • Coaching Young Paddlers Foundation

Please note that whilst this list will be updated as often as possible, it may not be up to date.

All our coaching session are bespoke for the paddler whether they are on Flat, Moving or within a Pool session. These can be arranged solo, duo or groups within deployement guidelines set out by British Canoeing.

White Water Award Provider 

Start / Discover / explore Provider

FSRT Provider

Paddlesport Instructor Provider

Stadium Safety Rescue Training Provider

Paddle Safer Provider

I’ve loved my lessons with Jon. Patient and he always made it fun. I was challenged and helped to achieve the goals I had set myself. Total joy and I only wish I could have them more regularly. He has also taken my children out on the water and is great with kids too.


As a complete (and anxious) beginner, I’ve been encouraged to challenge myself with my paddling. Jon shows real patience and, probably more importantly, a great sense of humour in his coaching. I would highly recommend that as a newbie paddler, or a returner, you give Paddlesports Suffolk a ring.



Regular trips will be announced via the Facebook page. Please like this page for the most up-to-date information.


If you would like more information / have a question or just can’t find what you are looking for please do either email [email protected], text/whatsapp/call 07834 628 470 or complete the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Useful Information

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Policies and Procedures 

  • BritishCanoeing.org.uk/membership – For useful information on membership to British Canoeing and details on how to get a license.
  • Paddlesuptraining.com – Providing support and development of paddlers to achieve their goals
  • Gopaddling.info – Tips, hint and information on all things paddling including PaddlePoints which is an interactive map with paddling locations